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WCMHR Recognized Miniature Horse Colors
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BODY COLORS - There are many variations of colors and combinations of colors in the miniature horse breed

Bay-Brown or  Reddish Brown with black points   Mane and Tail   Pintos may be mixed
Black   Mane and Tail   Pintos may be mixed
Buckskin-Cream or Buttermilk hue with Black Points   Mane and Tail   Pintos may be mixed
Chestnut-Dark or Reddish Brown with Red or
Flaxen Mane and Tail
  Mane and Tail   May also have red or brown mix
Cremello - Cream Color with Blue Eyes   Mane and Tail    
Dun-Red Has a Dorsal Stripe May have leg stripes often brown points   Mane and Tail     Flaxen or Red or Mixed
Dun-Golden often like a Plaomino, has a Dorsal Stripe may have darker points   Mane and Tail       White or Flaxen or Mixed
Grey has a white mane and tail   Mane and Tail   True Grey has a White M&T
Grullo - the color of a mouse may have a dorsal stripe.  May have a brownish cast.   Mane and Tail     May be mixed
Palomino Golden the color of a new penny. Has a white or flaxen mane and tail, lighter or darker hues including a Palomino that is cream color.   Mane and Tail     White or Flaxen Mix
Roan Blue Dark Face, Intermingled White Hairs
May "roan out" with age, colors become more
light with what appears to be more white hairs
  Mane and Tail     Dark Mane and Tail
Roan Red Darker Face, Intermingled White Hairs
May "roan out" with age, colors become more
light with what appears to be more white hairs
intermingled.  The darker red roan is often
referred to as a Strawberry Roan in other breeds.
  Mane and Tail       Darker Flaxen or Mixture
Silver Dapple, Grey with Silver Dapples on the body.  Full Coat is usually a cream color in the winter.  Often mistaken for a Palomino.   Mane and Tail       White, Silver, or Flaxen, may
be mixed.
Silver Bay Sorrel or Chestnut color with darker points.  Flaxen or White and Flaxen mane and tail.
  Mane and Tail       White, Flaxen, or Mixed may
have darker hairs.
Sorrel  Red with Red, White, or Flaxen Mane and
  Mane and Tail       White, Flaxen, Red, or mixed
White  Pure White Mane and Tail and Pink Skin   Mane and Tail     Pure White

Multicolor Horses

Appaloosa-variety of patterns-blankets, spots, etc., characteristics are striped hooves, mottled skin, white showing around the eye (scela).
more about appaloosa coat patterns
Appaloosa-Leopard-white with spots all over white mane and tail



Near Black Leopard with dark mane and mixed tail.
Black Pinto          




Body became lighter with age points remained black.  Spots became much more evident with the lighter body color.



Pintaloosa son of the Black Pinto Above.  Dam
is a rare Silver Dapple Leopard.

Son of the black leopard shown above.
















Black Pinto with Blue Eyes was the Sire
of Bay Pinto in Center.  She has blue eyes.


Paint or Pinto (Pinto is Spainish for Paint)



more about Pintos